Different friends, Different foods

Just the right temperature

Different friends have different tastes, but different foods need different temperatures. So why should your refrigerator's temperature have only one? Introducing the unique JTRT (Just The Right Temperature) technology. Now, store the food at 3 flexible temperature zones: Chiller (-1o to 3o C), Fridge (1o to 5o C) and Pantry (4o to 8o C). Set different temperatures for different shelves or the same for the entire refrigerator. Giving your foods and beverages the ideal temperatures.

Zone Temprature Range Food Storage Guide
Chiller -1o to 3o C Milk, Yogurt, Paneer, Tofu, Beverages, Meats etc.
Fridge 1o to 5o C Desserts, cooked dishes like Curries, Rice, Pasta, Chutneys etc.
Pantry 4o to 8o C Breads, Salads, Raw Vegetables, Batter, Dry Fruits etc.